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Microneedling SkinPen is the only FDA-cleared micro needling device available. The
results are incredible and include a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, skin tightening, reduction in acne scarring, increased production of collagen (wh
o doesn’t love that!?!?!) and improved tone and texture. This is truly a procedure that everyone can benefit from. When I first started researching this procedure I planned to combine it with PRP or platelet rich plasma. After further research I have found a dream product called

*Defanage* that in studies has been shown to be superior to PRP when used with microneedling.

*SkinPen* Microneedling is best done in a series of 3 or 6 spaced 1 month apart.

*Current package promotion:*

*Series of THREE SkinPen for $995 which will include a FREE treatment of the neck ($150value/time) and a FREE bottle of Defanage ($190 value)*

*Defanage* is a game changer in aesthetics! There is truly nothing like this available. The magic ingredient is defsensins which are proven to produce NEW basal stem cells, there is no other technology that can do this. This product drives similar results to micro needling without the associated inflammation which is why I have brought it on board to combine with micro needling for the best results possible. Defanage can be used in combination with your current skin care products. For example, Defanage
gives your retinols fresh cells to turnover. Other skin care products are asking your keratinocytes to work harder, whereas defense's drive NEW cells similar to certain procedures. This is truly next level.

Check out the before and afters with SkinPen and the arm photo is ONE SkinPen treatment combined with daily use of Defanage

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