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Why is PRX-T33 different than a chemical peel? 

PRX-T33 is a patented combination of TCA, Hydrogen Peroxide & Kojic Acid
that work to stimulate collagen production at the level of the papillary
dermis. There is no peeling or frosting like that which is associated with
a traditional chemical peel.

PRX-T33 is formulated with a top-secret blend of ingredients, including
trichloroacetic acid (TCA) AND hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), to provide
dramatic benefits to the look of skin without peeling or the downtime
associated with traditional chemical peels. WiQo has spent years perfecting
the PRX-T33 formula to ensure it revitalizes the look of skin without
causing any frosting or downtime.


But it’s the Hydrogen Peroxide that is responsible for the product being
able to absorb thru to the mid dermis-where collagen can regenerate-thus a
lasting tightening effect on the skin. It’s also responsible for the glow &
hydration that only PRX can assure!

It’s also going to help with acne & rosacea.

Schedule your series of 4 today to see for yourself the magic of PRX.


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